A new study has revealed that chocolates have a similar effect on the individual as opium. It can give you ‘that’ ultimate feeling! The findings were published in a journal – Current Biology.

Alexandra DiFeliceantonio is heading the research in University of Michigan. The research has shown close resemblances between obese people who munch on chocolates and drug addicts.

This study was done on rats and an endorphin called as enkephalin surged in quantities comparable when opium was consumed.

M&M chocolates were fed to the rats. When the drug was used to stimulate the part of brain that gives a high, the rats consumed twice the amount of M&Ms they did earlier.

Alexander commented – “The same brain area tested is active when obese people see foods and when drug addicts see drug scenes. It seems likely that our enkephalin findings in rats mean that this neurotransmitter may drive some forms of over consumption and addiction in people.”

If the study stands and gets accepted, will we have an environment where chocolates are regulated and abusers put behind bars? Perhaps, this is a thought for the future.

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