I have found it annoying that my hands get sticky and smudgy with traces of finger foods. How to overcome this? I use a spoon. But, technology’s objective is to automate, and to basically eradicate manual labor, even the minimal things we do like eating.

A new gadget has been conceptualized by Popcorn Indiana called as the popinator which is a voice activated popcorn kernel launching machine. This device fires one pop corn kernel into your mouth every time it hears the word ‘pop’. How cool is that?

If the prototype works the way it claims, the device could find a lot more takers for a number of other application than launching pop corn.

The device can judge where the voice originated from, a turret emerges from the machine and fires a single kernel in the direction of sound origin. The launch mechanism is an air gun.

The challenge that this gadget could face is the different sizes of pop corns. Unlike canons or bullets, pop corn comes in varied sizes, shapes and weight. So, to determine the distance that the machine has to launch, it needs sensors that can measure the three aspects and calculate the intensity and angle at which the popcorn can be launched. This reminds me of the a game called as Gorilla that I used to play in QBASIC.

Popinator is not a pop corn maker but merely a pop corn launcher. So, you need to make pop corn in a microwave oven and load the popinator with it.

“One thing that never changes about popcorn is how people eat it, how they get it in their mouths, whether it’s directly from a bag or from a bowl. But how cool would it be if you could change the way people eat popcorn,” said Barry, from Popcorn Indiana.

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