I used to write about travel, travel gear and other accessories for a website run by a friend. During the year and a half tenure, I was being asked by a number of people on how they could pursue being a travel writer.

A travel writer is somebody who goes places, describing the beauty, share to-dos (and not-to-dos), provide tips and basically point to all aspects of traveling – commute, stay, food, dressing and so on.

So, to be a successful travel writer, is not an easy task. You need to have several ducks in the row to be successful at it.

People travel all the time. Sharing the experiences is not travel writing, but to share it the way one experiences, to the T, accompanied by splendid photographs makes one heck of a travelogue.

Well, if you want to be a travel writer, here are some basic things that need to be in place for you:

1. You need to be a writer – If you are not the writing kind, forget about writing on travel. You just can’t do it. It’s like milking the cat to meet the requirements of your household. A cat is not meant to provide milk, so don’t milk. Likewise, if you are not a writer, don’t attempt writing on travel.

I know I sound rude. But, this is the reality. A writer has it ingrained in him/her. What kind of a writer depends on the field of interest and the knowledge that the person has to kickstart writing in the field.

2. You need to love traveling – This goes without saying. If you don’t like to travel, you can’t write on travel. I would rather rely on Neil Armstrong’s description of the moon surface rather than a haughty NASA scientist. You get the idea, right?

3. Stop being finicky – If you love traveling, you would have overcome the emotion of being finicky over where you stay, where you walk and how you travel.

If a traveler has to flex himself to all conditions, so should a travel writer.

A travel writer is a combination of a traveler and a writer, so both sets of qualities must be imbibed in one.

4. Start writing at the earliest – You don’t have to wait for that big European trip to start your travel writing adventure. That would be foolish. Start with simple things such as a mall, a sea side restaurant or any other place other than your home and work. I prefer to leave out home and work as things would have bored the hell out of you, and nothing creative generally comes out of these two places.

So, don’t wait. Pick up your pen and write about the bus ride you took back from work. It is good to start sharpening your saw, so your European trip writing would be at a pinnacle over all others that you have attempted.

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