1. Most populous religion is Islam and the most common name is Mohamad.

2. People have tried holding their breath to kill themselves, and alas, that is one thing that is impossible to do. Else, suicides would have been a lot easier!

3. Try touching your tongue to your elbow. It is impossible even for the flexible ones.

4. Pigs cannot turn their heads towards heaven while standing on four feet. Their body structure makes it impossible unless they are sleeping on their backs.

5. The number zero was invented by an Indian mathematician named Aryabhata and it came to European through Arabian traders. Europeans leveraged on Roman symbols which made life miserable before the advent of the magical zero.

6. Li Ching-Yun is the oldest person ever known to walk the earth. He lived for 256 years, buried 23 wives and by the time he died, he had an excess of 180 descendants springing from his loins. Times reported that he was born in 1677 and died in 1933.

7. Robert Wadlow is the tallest man ever recorded. When he died due to inflamed leg, he measured 8 feet and 11 inches.

8. Iranian Shiites follow a tradition of marrying for a temporary period. The period could last between 1 hour and 99 years. In Islamic, it’s called sigheh or nekah-e-monghate’e. This is one thing that the modern world misses and should adopt unconditionally. 😉

9. The first football (soccer) world championship was played with a football made of monkey skull covered with paper and leather.

10. It is believed that Hitler had just one testicle. Just imagine the devastation if he had the other one two.

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