Alessandra Ambrosio is the lucky gal this year as she is all set to sport the fantasy bra bearing a price tag of $2.5 million. Her motherhood has just started on the right path it seems.

The Brazilian super beauty would be donning the million dollar Victoria’s Secret bra in December’s catwalk mega event. The event will be held in the US on the 4th of December.

Last year,┬áMiranda Kerr was the chosen model to showcase the fantasy bra which had the same price tag as this year. Perhaps this year’s fantasy bra is not as expensive after all considering the rate of inflation.

Ambrosio’s bra is called as the Floral Fantasy, it comes with a matching belt. The bra is the handiwork of Long Island’s London Jewelers who incidentally designed Miranda’s bra as well.

The fantasy bra this year features diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, and rubies. The main feature is a removable 20 carat white diamond in the centre. The belt is more glamorous with 5200 stones and gems.

Ambrosio’s association with Victoria’s Secret is not new. She had earlier worn a candy bra and panty way back in 2004.

Ambrosio was flattered by the offer and the bra was a perfect fit – “It was perfect for me,” she said. “I felt they made it for me. It’s very romantic.” Duh! One does not make a $2.5 million bra without a specific piece of flesh in mind!

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