’s annual survey on the best taxi service across all cities has thrown a few surprises.

The survey asked respondents to rate on the following : Availability, Cleanliness, Friendliness, Knowledge of the Area, Quality of Driving, Safety and Value.

Respondents represented as many as 28 countries and the sample size was over  1600.

Here are the best taxi services in the world :

1. London – Big and roomy black cabs of London are rated the best for the comfort they have to offer. The personal cabin behind the driver for storing bags was the most appreciated feature in London taxis along with the speak button to communicate with the driver.

2. New York – Surprise, surprise and surprise. The brash New York taxi drivers from Asian descent have something to cheer about. Despite the negative publicity, it is rated as the second best for sheer numbers and the ability of halting a taxi at any time of the day. Additionally, the on-board entertainment and payment through credit card was hailed about.

3. Tokyo – The most disciplined taxi crew in my opinion! The fares are regulated by the government and the best part is that the tips are included in the taxi fare as well.

4. Shanghai – Down south from Japan, the taxi service drops by a margin. The non English speaking taxi drivers are known to take passengers for a ride (pun intended) by choosing longer distances. Yet, it is rated as the fourth best. Imagine how bad the rest of the cities would fare.

5. Bangkok – The ever so popular tuk tuks, the distant cousins of Indian autorickshaws are the fifth best. They get a higher rating, thanks to Bangkok’s snarling traffic. Tuk tuks are best made for Bangkok traffic as they can squeeze in the crevices of bigger vehicles and get you to your destination on time.

Along with the taxi rating, a few other questions were posed. For its American respondents, when encountered on the objects left behind, the list could not have been more strange- a single shoe, placemats, airlines tickets, a bra, a blow-up doll and a girlfriend.

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