Michael Connelly has the knack and trait to keep readers glued on. Trunk Music, the fifth instalment in the Harry Bosch series lives up to the expectations.

In this novel, a body is found in the trunk of a car. All the clues lead to a mob hit, hence the mob term – Trunk Music. Action takes place in Los Angeles and in Vegas. It is a thriller that will point fingers at a number of a people throughout the novel.

Harry Bosch is back as LAPD detective serving suspension notice but a new charge awaits him, with another suspension looming large. This murder is Harry’s first assignment under a new lieutenant and a new partner. Twists and turns are quite common in Harry Bosch series and this one is quite special with personal life taking to a new height as well.

Tony Aliso, a Hollywood film maker is found murdered in his car trunk. Investigation points to IRS’ interests in Tony and his mob connection. Tony’s wife is an ex-actress who is going through a rough patch with her husband. Harry finds mob’s fingerprints all over the murder scene. But, are they the culprits? Is it the disgruntled wife? Or somebody out of the blue?

The journey of Trunk Music is gripping. However, I find the concoction of facts, and especially the climax made up for the thrill it can potentially provide. Comparing this with other Harry Bosch novels, it ends up as a dampener. Connelly could have done a better job in the end but somehow it fails right at the fag end. However, it is still worth a good read.

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