I must confess that I wasn’t a big fan of Jack Reacher the first time I encountered him in Die Trying. Since then, after a hiatus, I have read three other Jack Reacher novels and seem to have picked up a liking for the way he conducts himself during investigations and with the ladies.

This book was originally named as The Visitor in the UK but the publisher in the US felt that the title echoed science fiction rather than thriller genre. So, it was published and marketed as Running Blind. It was in the race for the 2001 Barry Award for “Best Hardcover Novel”, but lost out to Deep South by Nevada Barr.

Running Blind is Jack Reacher’s effort to nab a serial killer. Jack is apparently apprehended for the killing of two ex-military woman personnel. FBI finds Jack as the common thread behind the killing through criminal profiling. When the third killing takes place, Reacher is on surveillance and the FBI are in the know that Reacher is not their man. Yet, they want him to help their investigation due to his hold over military procedures and personnel.

The killing is unreal. There are no marks, no fibres, no struggle and absolutely no clues for the investigators to latch onto. The victims are found submerged in bath tubs filled with army green paint.

Reacher is paired up with a hot FBI agent – Harper, who he kisses from time to time even though he is in a relationship with Jodi Garber. The investigation leads them to a weapon smuggling ring inside the army while the fourth victim surfaces.

How can somebody kill without leaving a trace? Why the green paint? Is there a decoy?

Throughout the novel, there will be a number of unanswered questions popping up from time to time. And, Reacher finds all the answers.

The book is a thrilling ride. I found it hard to put it aside even at 2 in the night, while the sleep flies came calling for me. The sequences involving Harper, her dresses and their love making were absolutely fascinating. The climax is sure to blow you away.

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