Women have always had hunches about their husbands searching for cavities other than theirs. As this constant fight for possession carries on, women are now armed with the knowledge that makes their partners to look towards the greener side of life. The answer is in the pancreas!

German researchers from University of Bonn have pinpointed the hormone (or the lack of it) that makes husbands look elsewhere. Oxytocin, the love hormone bonds husbands to their wives, thereby taking them away from extra curricular activities. However, interestingly, the opposite is not true. This hormone in women doesn’t quite work the magic as it does on men.

57 test subjects, half of whom were in a bond of marriage to women (monogamous) were sprayed with oxytocinnasal, the love hormone. Sounds filmy right? All the test subjects were introduced to hot females. The bait (hotties) made gestures towards men like the way they do, gazing, eye contact and flapping of eye lashes that makes men squirm under their bellies. But, as they found out, the committed men with the spray stayed away, at a comfortable distance. When the ladies entered their personal space, say within 3-4 inches, these men stepped farther away. How interesting?

Men who were not married, but with the spray stayed closer to the ladies. The study doesn’t reveal exactly how close they were. But, closer than the married ones.

Did the spray have anything to do with the way committed men discerned on things? Like the sexual attractiveness of a female? Not quite. Both the groups rated the ladies as being equally attractive. So, it was the anti-magnetic effect of this hormone that did the trick!

And, it was also found that the effect of the spray did not have any effect on men against men. So, this does not work on gay people. They perhaps need to pray for a new hormone that can keep them loyal to each other.

With this crucial information, perhaps time has come for brides to demand a hormonal treatment for their grooms before the ceremony gets underway. For divorce cases involving hormonally treated men, cheating will always be on the other end of the sexuality. While the new era has started for men to start behaving, it gives rise to new womanhood that can go on a rampage.

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