Many people suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Most common reason for the dark patch under your eyes is stress. So, destressing will help you keeping the dark circles at bay.

If you are suffering from dark circles, here are some methods that you can employ to rid of them.

1. Potion of Cucumber Juice – Chop cucumber into small pieces and put them in your blender. Beat it until you get a good amount of juice. Mind you, cucumber contains plenty of water, so you will have abundance of cucumber accumulated in your blender.

Clean your face before applying cucumber juice on your dark circles. Let the cucumber juice be applied on your dark circles and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with semi-cold water. Repeat this exercise every alternate day. You will start seeing results within a week.

2. Potato and Cucumber Juice – You can use potato along with the cucumber and the follow the same exercise as you did with cucumber juice alone. The advantage you have with this combination is that the puffiness that is usually a result of crying goes away on application.

3. Tea Bag Method – Take a couple of tea bags and place them in a freezer for fifteen minutes. Place one tea bag atop each eye for fifteen minutes or until the chillness in the tea bag remains. Do this exercise once a week to┬árevitalize the area under your eyes.

4. Tomato and Mint Juice – Tomato and mint put together forms a deadly combination to beat dark circles. Prepare a juice of the two, and consume it after meals twice everyday. Within a week, your face will start to glow.

5. Almond and Milk – Beat almonds laced with water under it becomes a paste. Mix the paste with milk and apply it under your eyes. The mixture acts like a bleaching agent and will lighten your skin wherever applied. You can use it elsewhere too.

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