Riots over racial discrepancy is a regular happenstance in Los Angeles. A black civil lawyer who sues policemen is killed. The city is about to burn. All clues point towards involvement of a trained gunman. Is it a cop who pulled the trigger? Harry Bosch is on the case, and is personally involved. Why? Michael Connelly’s Angel’s Flight poses all the questions and its lead man will solve them methodically.

Angel’s Flight is the sixth installment featuring Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch. It starts a year since Trunk Music case was solved. Personally, things don’t look too good for Harry. Eleanor plans to leave him, police deputy chief Irving drives him nuts with political correctness and on top of everything, Harry’s partner is his nemesis – Chastain from IAD.

A black lawyer has sued the city to the tune of millions over a case involving a black man, wrongly alleged to have abducted, raped and killed a teenage white girl. The black ex-convict has won the criminal case, but the civil rights case not only bungles the police coffers, but the black lawyer, Howard Elias claims to point to the killer during the case trial.

Howard is shot in a train carriage. All clues point towards the detective who was instrumental in booking the accused and taking him to  court.

Harry must save his friend who is accused of killing Howard. Harry must find the bad guy who not only killed Howard but is responsible for rioting and looting in the city. Harry must find a way to manage IAD and FBI while they work on the case. As always, it’s always about Harry and that’s the best part about the entire series. Read it to get maximum thrill out of this novel.

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