Perhaps one of the most admired writers of this century, Dan Brown, is all set to release his latest crypto thriller novel on 14th of May, 2013. This will be the fourth Robert Langdon installment and he was last seen in The Lost Symbol in 2009.

Langdon will head to Italy on an assignment that takes him new places in search of Dante’s inferno. The story revolves around Dante’s epic dark poem.

In a statement to local television channel, Dan Brown stated – “Although I studied Dante’s Inferno in high school, it wasn’t until recently, while researching in Florence, that I came to appreciate the enduring influence of Dante’s work on the modern world.”

“With this new novel, I am excited to take readers on a journey deep into this mysterious realm… a landscape of codes, symbols, and more than a few secret passageways.”


Dante, who is considered as the father of Italian language lived in the thirteenth century and wrote Inferno, a poem depicting the journey to hell. According to Dante, hell is located inside the earth and as you reach there, one needs to endure plenty of suffering. This allegory indirectly derecognizes sin, and hence the principle upon which Jesus and Bible were based.

Christian scholars around the globe fumed after the infamous Da Vinci Code managed to tear their beliefs apart. What else is in store for them will be out of the closet come May 14th.

The last Robert Langdon novel, The Lost Symbol is being made into a movie with Tom Hanks yet again in the lead. The movie is entering pre-production this year and must be out sometime next year. In all probability, Inferno will pick up speed in Hollywood depending on the sales of the book and the third Robert Langdon movie – The Lost Symbol.

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