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Focus on what You want to Manifest It

Let’s start this article with an exercise. Go to a botanical garden and look around. You will find a number colors thrown across trees, plants and shrubs. You will see everything as one whole unit. Now, close your eyes. Think of the color red, and find the color red in the scenery that you witnessed just seconds before. Perhaps you may may spot a couple of places where you saw red but this isn’t comprehensive red. Now open your eyes and look for red. You will be able to find all the reds and within a record time. What does it tell you? You find things if you know what to look for, and focus on finding them.

In life, you get what you focus on. If you focus on bad things that you fear, you will experience them at some point or the other. Likewise, if you focus on getting a trophy girlfriend, she will fall onto your lap before you know it. The idea that I am trying to propagate here is straight forward Рfocus on things that you want, and it manifests the way thunder follows lightning.

Some people have given a cult status to this theory of focusing for manifestation. They call it as the law of attraction. According to the law, you need to speak out what you want to the universe and the universe will ensure that whatever you requested for gets manifested. This mumbo jumbo is bullshit. Speaking out to the universe is following the footsteps of Mayans who held secret pacts with life beyond earth through constant rituals.

I have two problems with the law of attraction. First, there is nothing called as speaking to the universe. This is the lesser evil. The bigger one is the follow up. Once you tell the universe what you want, you leave it at that, or keep repeating. Where is the action for you to take? In my focus theory, I am asking you to focus on what you want to start working towards getting there, and it will manifest. When you looked for the reds, you saw the reds and not when you just imagined its probable existence in the garden. Action is crucial for things to happen, action coupled with focus moves you towards where you want to head, and fits right in the category of unparalleled success.

Try focusing on things that you want and start doing things that will take you to it. On my example of a blonde falling onto your laps, you need to work out for achieving LGN (looking good naked), work on your acne and get a well paying job. When you have all three, challenge me why you will not end up with a gorgeous blonde.

To help you focus, read my article on visualizing what you need and then planning on getting there. Follow the feeds for further updates on the models that I have created for achieving success.

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