Sometime back, I introduced the concept of psychological time and referenced it with the clock time, in which we all live in. To recap, psychological time is either the past that we think of or the future time that we get consumed with. Clock time is reality, the time that we experience, the time that we see ticking and the time that takes us from point A to point B.

Clock time is reality. One must embrace it for several reasons. It gives us the power to achieve, to do something in life or destroy ourselves. On the other hand, psychological time relives the past, either elating us in the historical glory or regretting about things that did not happen. Psychological time also beams our minds into the future, visualizing the numerous feats, fruits of success-dom and other imaginary beings.

To state tersely, psychological time is a disease of the mind which our body entwines tightly, never to let go of it. The truth is that the mind makes psychological time look so real that the body starts living the lie, begins to fool itself and move towards a place that has more significance to the end than the means.

Psychological time makes us believe that the end justifies the means. The end result is all important and not how we get there. Whether it makes us commit adultery, murder, cheating on your close ones or thieving. Perhaps this is reflected by a number of people who get to the top by going against the nature and law of the land. When they do get to that happy pinnacle, are they really happy? Are they proud of their achievement or are they looking over their shoulders constantly? You know the answer.

The biggest flunkee is your creativity instinct. Psychological masks your creativity and fills the vacuum with future cloud nines and past regrets. It lets you lose touch with your inner self by putting a barrier between your talents and the real you. It gives you a separate (false identity with obsession with the future and unsatisfactory past and present) identity like the way governments do for its citizens who have a real threat for their lives.

To overcome the psychological time, you must stay present, believe that whatever you are going to achieve, it is a result of what you do right now. Long term goals are fine, but let that be your visualization and don’t live about dreaming about it. Leave the dreaming for nights when you are fast asleep. 🙂

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