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Why is Change the Only Constant?

Nothing in this world would remain the same forever. The person you love gets older by the day with wrinkles forming under the eyes. Deciduous trees shed leaves in autumn and before you know it, come up with fresh ones during the spring time. The laws of the land change almost every day, and your favorite restaurant keeps chopping and adding newer items on their menu. Nothing is constant in the world, except for change. Change is the only constant.

Anything that does not grow is as good as dead. Anything that is static does not have life in them. To progress, or to achieve anything in this world, one must keep moving, definitely in the forward direction.

Legendary Napoleon Hill in his work You Can Work on Your Own Miracles writes that dictators come and go. They end up going as the nature’s plan for man is to be free and not enslaved. Philosophers look into the past to predict the future. So, they do not stay at ease as the Hitlers and Saddam Hussains of the world are going to be back again to take away people’s freedom. It is dictators such as these who enthuse people against taking things sitting, but rather stand up and do something about getting rid of them. The dictators serve as the enablers for man to wake up from his slumber and move towards attaining change for a better future.

Hill further goes onto explain that nature does not tolerate static beings. If somebody is not willing to change, she will bring upon hardship such as loss of a loved one, joblessness, health breakdowns among others. When pushed to brink, man will gather needed energy to push towards change. He needs to do it to survive and his survival instincts kick in to save the day.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a great example of radical transformations to effect a change. He dropped out of college, only to later start Microsoft. If he had not dropped out of college, he perhaps would have worked until his retirement and would have been enjoying his retirement peacefully rather than traveling around the globe doing charity and helping millions in the process.

During the times of adversity, the mental attitude of the affected person is most important. If Bill Gates had cried his way to depression after dropping out, he would have probably ended up on the streets. Instead, he looked at the brighter side of life, the opportunities that were present for him to make the best use of present circumstances. And, he succeeded big time. So can you.

Change is a must and change you must. Do not fear change but rather embrace it. There are a lot of positives from every change in life. You can make new friends, find new restaurants, do newer things and keep boredom farthest away from you. Why not change for a change?

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