There are a number of books and principles on how one should live his life, how he needs to communicate with others among other dos and don’ts. In the end, it all boils down to the following ten. If you do these right, you are left with no choice but to win, and win big.

1. Stay positive at all times. Staying on the positive side helps you in keeping your mind sane and look at the better things in life.

2. Talk to others in a tone that is friendly. Do not show attitude and ego. These two turn people away from you. Treat everyone you meet as a friend.

3. Listen to what others have to say. There is a lot for all of us to learn. Talking is all about showing off and feeding the ego, but does very little in terms of learning and making friends.

4. Try to relax and come out of rigidity. Be as flexible as you can be and adapt to situations when you are with others. If somebody wants to eat at KFC and you want to hit Taco Bell, you earn friends by yielding to their choice and they will respect you to go for what you opt next time.

5. Patience is key, and you must own this key to unlock apt timing. Stay patient until it is the right time to act. By staying still and listening in, you can learn plenty and act when necessary.

6. Stay awake to all possibilities in life. You never know which door would open for you to enter unless and until you are awake, alert and keep looking around for opportunities to open up.

7. Smiling is the single most destructive weapon to breakdown any possibility of making enemies. It showcases your friendliness to others, and people would want to talk to somebody who is friendly, and not an asswipe who cringes his eyebrows.

8. Your mind speaks to you one hundred things every instant and not every one of them is share-able. Be choosy on what you share with others and what you don’t. Think twice or maybe three times before you decide to share a thought. Analyze it from the listener’s angle on how it will be perceived.

9. Punctuality is next to godliness. Stay prompt and get things done on time. People appreciate when you keep up your word. Opportunities will open up in a big way if you stay on top of things.

10. One good deed a day will keep you on route to success-dom. Make it a point to lead somebody in the right direction, praising your subordinate’s work, directing traffic in jams or any other deed that brings a smile on other’s faces and something is of value to others.

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