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Workout to Lose Weight : McDonalds CEO Don Thompson

At the Sanford Bernstein conference, when quizzed about the American obesity problems, McDonald Corporation’s CEO Don Thompson cleverly diverted the topic of working out, and moved away from the calories that the Big Macs are able to contribute.

He claimed that he had lost 20 pounds in the past one year since taking up the position, and he still eats McD burger every single day without fail.

He compared Americans with Europeans whose genes are similar. He said – “It is very rare to see Europeans very, very heavy as they walk a lot.”

McDonald’s has been offering some healthier options on their menu in the form of salads, chicken wraps and egg white breakfast sandwiches. But, how many are consuming it?

Of the total sales, salads make up just 2 percent to 3 percent according to the CEO. He said there were other ways the company could incorporate fruits and vegetables into its menu, pointing to the chicken wraps it recently introduced.

In hindsight, he did not have positive things to rave about healthier options.

Thompson said – “I don’t see salads being a major growth driver.”

Other US companies such as Coke are doing their bit too – introducing low calorific drinks and promoting physical activity.highlight its healthier, low-calorie drinks as well as the importance of physical activity in a balanced lifestyle.

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