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Working Out makes You Smarter…. Yes, Your Mind Reacts Positively to Sweat

Working out is like killing two birds with one stone. Recent studies have showed us that not only our body metabolism increases to work outs but our brain functions better as well.

Scientists who are working on this area of study believe that when people work out, blood flow is at the greatest. When blood flows, oxygen moves around, thereby creating energy. A part of this energy is utilized by the brain too. It functions better when people move around than in an idle position.

There is yet another scientific reason why one must exercise. Hippocampus, the part of brain that is responsible for learning and memory becomes active during physical activities. Our cognitive function is known to increase when the neuron activity increases.

Some tests were conducted on mice and it was observed that spatial learning improved considerably when they started to run.

Science tells us that the hippocampus shrinks during old age. Here’s the good news – exercises are known to annul the reduction, and is believed to boost memory and learning abilities in senior citizens.

In another study conducted some time back, it was seen that athletic students performed better on tests than the ones who lazed around.

Do you need further inspiration to start working out?

We are a result of evolution. In stone age times, man’s physical activity was wholly meant for hunting and gathering food, and surviving from killer animals. In such testing times, man needed the additional brain power to take quick decisions and survive yet another day. It makes sense how physical activity and brain power could be connected.

If you believe that working out is for the athletic types and not the eye glass wearers, you are going to regret having made the judgment. Lift you butt off the seat and start working out. You will exceed better, and your body and health comes under control too!

This also explains why I am able to organize my thoughts better in the gym rather than in front of my laptop.

Life is all about connecting the dots, isn’t it?

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