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Formal Education Matters…. at least as a Backup Plan

I was in New Delhi over the last weekend on official work. On the last day, I booked a cab to take me from a client place to the airport. The airport was around 40 kilometers from the client’s place.

The cab driver seemed unkempt. I talk to most drivers I come across during my cab travels. We started speaking about the distance, the weather and after sometime, he got a call on his cellphone and I started to work on my laptop. At some point, he pointed to a big building and made a statement that bewildered me.

“This is the school I studied in.”

It was a nice looking school, and I just couldn’t put him there. He continued by pointing at students hanging out on the sidewalk.

“I used to spend most of my time here than in the school. I didn’t study and now I have a steering wheel in my hand. If I had studied then, I would be having a laptop instead.” He pointed to my laptop with his eyes as he finished saying it.

I was speechless. I didn’t know how to respond to that statement. I didn’t respond then and up until now, I don’t have anything to say to that.

One thing is evident. Formal education may not be the way out for everybody but definitely it is a backup that everyone can bank upon. If dreams don’t get fulfilled for any of the reasons, people can go back to the basics – i.e the formal education area and start afresh.

We learn new things all the time. My conversation with the driver has opened up an area that was previously looked through a different pair of lens. I always believed that one has to go for his/her dreams, whatever it may be. I still believe it. But, have a backup in place. If your dream does not take shape, let that not hamper the quality of life you lead. Formal education is one of the backups that you can count on. Embrace it.

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