Why Do We Forget Things?

Forgetting is a common epidemic among all of us. It does not spare anybody, not even the ones who brag about their IQ scores. It is also an excuse that is widely used, and not surprisingly accepted. What is the reason for forgetfulness?

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How to be a Travel Writer

I used to write about travel, travel gear and other accessories for a website run by a friend. During the year and a half tenure, I was being asked by a number of people on how they could pursue being a travel writer. A travel writer is somebody who goes places, describing the beauty, share […]

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Top 10 Did you Know?

1. Most populous religion is Islam and the most common name is Mohamad. 2. People have tried holding their breath to kill themselves, and alas, that is one thing that is impossible to do. Else, suicides would have been a lot easier!

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