Howto : Remove Dark Circles

Many people suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Most common reason for the dark patch under your eyes is stress. So, destressing will help you keeping the dark circles at bay. If you are suffering from dark circles, here are some methods that you can employ to rid of them. 1. Potion of Cucumber […]

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Workout a must, but 5 Hours or 15 Minutes a Week?

People are more knowledgeable in the field of exercise and nutrition today than a decade ago. A good population make a concerted effort to eat healthy and hit the gym. Some go for a run every morning, covering a few miles and keeping a tab of the distance covered on a weekly or monthly basis. […]

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How to be a Travel Writer

I used to write about travel, travel gear and other accessories for a website run by a friend. During the year and a half tenure, I was being asked by a number of people on how they could pursue being a travel writer. A travel writer is somebody who goes places, describing the beauty, share […]

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